Beek Consulting, Ltd. has supported their clients with key personnel that know how to produce superior results while receiving great benefits for themselves and their families. We deliver agile, responsive, and results driven solutions to the federal government. Our teams have a vast amount of experience and boasts a highly successful track record of delivering results that are focused on providing exceptional service to our clients. Our best candidates are those who always look to go above and beyond and challenge themselves. We are currently seeking highly qualified professionals with experience across the full OMB A-123 cycle of Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness. We currently have the following opportunities:


Alexandria, VA

  • Human Performance Team
  • Audit Response Support
  • Agency Finance Report Compilation
  • Work Plan Management
  • IT Audit


New Cumberland, PA

  • Audit Response Support


Candidates should have experience providing technical assistance to government personnel and must be a U.S. Citizen able to pass a background check.


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